Questions? We've Got You Covered.

    What does vegan mean? Are your products really vegan? 

    Yes! All of Clarke’s baked goods are vegan. Vegan food is made with zero animal products or byproducts, including dairy (like milk and cheese) and honey.

    What's the difference between vegan and plant-based? 

    Not much. Plant-based is a bit less restrictive. Again, all of our products are vegan—which means they are plant-based, too!

    What does non-GMO mean? 

    Non-GMO means that our products and the ingredients sourced were produced without genetic engineering. 

    Are your products gluten-free? What about nuts or other allergens?

    Most of our products contain wheat, soy, and/or tofu. We use peanuts, cashews, coconut, and pecans as well. Please see individual product descriptions for full ingredients list. And be sure to let us know about any food allergies when placing your order. 

    Where and when can I pick-up my online order?

    Online orders are available for pick-up at the next scheduled farmers market. 

    How will I know when my order is ready? 

    After your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email, followed by a second email closer to the pick-up date to let you know when your order will be ready.

    Do you deliver?

    Unfortunately, we had to suspend our delivery service until further notice.  :(

    Can you ship anywhere in the country?

    Shipping is available for all U.S. locations. Some of our items, like frosted cakes, don't travel well, so they are for pick-up only. We've noted in the product descriptions for you. 

    Can I carry your products in my store? 

    We are happy to share our products with you! If you are outside of Massachusetts, please refer to which items are available for shipping. Feel free to email us at for more information on partnering with us!

    I'm hosting a big party/event. Do you take large orders?

    We would be happy to! Any order over $60.00 is available for catering.

    I tried your baked goods once—I loved them! Where can I get more? 

    Check out our Find Us page for the businesses that carry our products and upcoming events where we’ll be selling our treats on site.

    There's a farmer’s market in my neighborhood next week. Will you be there?

    Maybe! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see where we'll be setting up soon.